That was fast.

2009-01-05 02:52:07 by HardcoreCap

I put up a track. It's not any of my good work but it's something. I didn't last as long as I thought i would. Hopefully it gets approved quickly.

CAP - Stuck


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2009-01-06 14:36:32

I cant wait to hear your songs! Check me out if you have the tme! :D


2009-01-06 23:26:48

I love Hardcore too! In fact, I DJ it...

What labels do you like?

HardcoreCap responds:

well not hardcore in the way of Happy/UK but more like dutch hardcore....specifically it's called industrial hardcore. you can find it on labels like The Third Movement, Enzyme, Meta4, Six Feet Underground, Industrial Strength and a couple others


2009-01-07 03:24:57

Dutch hardcore... intresting... ;p grown up with it, make it and most intresting, you point out the most intresting labels... hmmm gonna keep an eye on this account... ;p

Greetz out of Amsterdam!



2009-01-07 23:45:36

Oh, that's cool too.

I'm not as familiar with that stuff, just with Ruffneck and Pengo, and doing a bit of research into Traxtorm...

I do know that Enzyme is Ruffneck's continuation.

And yeah, Carf knows his stuff :)

HardcoreCap responds:

Traxtorm is a great italian label for more mainstream hardcore. I definitely recommend checking their stuff out!


2009-01-09 18:59:14

Yeah... upon listening, I realize that many of Traxtorm's releases sound better to me at around 170 bpm, rather than around 160 like intended.

I guess that's my love for UK Hardcore kicking in :P

HardcoreCap responds:

ha ha ha yah, hardcore is slowing down from what it used to be. it's getting old :D


2009-01-09 23:16:15

Eh. It got faster after 1993, then slowed down a bit after 2002.

Although, AFAIK many releases on oldskool labels like Ruffneck are also around 160... I guess it's just a different style. Sounds damn good at any tempo :P