Hey guys, my remix of Dark Like Hell's "Natural Selection" is out now at http://www.junodownload.com/products/dark-like-hell-natural-selection-the-remixes/2908068-02/?track_number=3


Check it out and buy it if you love it. Peace!

Cap & Forsaken Is Dead - This Is Not A War EP (IMPCS008)

2010-07-15 21:14:04 by HardcoreCap

A1: Cap - This Is Not A War
A2: Cap - Hand Over Your Flesh
B1: Forsaken Is Dead & Cap - Repeating Patterns
B2: Cap & Forsaken Is Dead - Pulling Strings (Forsaken Is Dead Remix)

Preview and Purchase:
Midtown records: http://www.midtownshop.nl/en/product/8 354/

Recess records: https://en.recess.nl/vinyl/info/this..

Important records: http://www.important-records.net/detai l.php?id=39640

On vinyl and CD

Bonustrack if you buy the CD: Cap & Forsaken Is Dead - Pulling Strings (Cap Remix)

The Corestyle story continues... With Forsaken Is Dead (known from his "Waking The Tyrant's Device EP"
on Corestyle last year, besides his various other productions for labels like Meta4, Industrial Strength,
Six Feet Underground or Hard Kryptic) and Cap (Hard Kryptic) we have two of the "AZ Hardcore Junkies" here.
The A-Side is represented by Cap and starts with the title track "This Is Not A War", a hard industrial uptempo
pounder which is yet still atmospheric.
The second track "Hand Over Your Flesh" has more groove and includes cool Drum & Bass elements.
The B-side offers 2 collaborations between Cap and Forsaken Is Dead. "Repeating Patterns" is rather techno-influenced
whereas the second track, Pulling Strings (Forsaken Is Dead Remix) starts with a mystic intro and turns into a grooving
and driving monster.

Cap & Forsaken Is Dead - This Is Not A War EP (IMPCS008)

[HKD004] Forsaken Is Dead & CAP - Phoenix Rising EP

1. Forsaken is Dead - Sona
2. Forsaken is Dead - The Lizard King
3. Cap - Pulmonary Embolism
4. Cap - Metal Girl feat. Nikkita

Available Now At Your Favorite Digital Stores:
+ more!

[HKD004] Forsaken Is Dead & CAP - Phoenix Rising EP

DJ Mixes up and other stuffs

2009-01-17 00:42:17 by HardcoreCap

I got the ball rolling by getting a track up and a little loop i made. Best of all i got some honest ratings on it so i know where I stand right now. Good stuff. I also have some dj mixes i'm promoting but i'm promoting them in my signature in the audio forums. I don't know if the sig also gets thrown in the news posts but if it does then you'll see it here. If not then look for me in the audio forums and you should see my mixes there. A lot of my stuff is getting snatched up quickly recently so i probably won't have any shared material for a while. Till then i'll browse the portals, rate, and review. Till next time, peace!


That was fast.

2009-01-05 02:52:07 by HardcoreCap

I put up a track. It's not any of my good work but it's something. I didn't last as long as I thought i would. Hopefully it gets approved quickly.

CAP - Stuck

No Tracks For Now

2009-01-05 01:58:05 by HardcoreCap

All of my tracks are signed right now so i don't have any to dump here. Hopefully some time soon I'll put something up. Maybe I'll put some garbage up for shits and giggles....who knows.